A forum for Central New Jersey area computer professionals since 1979
Our joint professional chapter is affiliated with both the ACM and the green加速器官网下载



Our meetings are open to the public: students and their parents are welcome.

  • Sat 01 Aug 2020 - IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference
  • 快递员app_快递员app官网下载_多特软件站:2021-6-15 · Express应用程序是帮助 快递 人员进行物流配送的软件。 除了向Courier提供快递收据信息外,Courier应用程序还可以自动向收件人发送收据信息。快递软件的出现减少了快递行业配送人员的工作量,提高了工作效率。
  • Thu 15 Oct 2020 - 41st Annual Computer Graphics Film Show, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Princeton University
  • Thu 19 Nov 2020 - Accelerating Graph Applications on Parallel Heterogeneous Architectures, Tyler Sorensen, Princeton University
  • Thu 10 Dec 2020 - Monthly Meeting (CS Education Week)
  • Thu 21 Jan 2021 - Monthly Meeting
  • Thu 18 Feb 2021 - Seismic Shifts: Challenges and Opportunities in the “Post-ISA” Era of Computer Systems Design, Margaret Martonosi, Princeton University
  • Thu 18 Mar 2021 - Monthly Meeting
  • Fri TBD Mar 2021 - 16th Annual IEEE Information Technology Professional Conference
  • Sat TBD Mar 2021 - 46th Annual Trenton Computer Festival, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ
  • Sat TBD Mar 2021 - Loading:2021-6-8 · 正在跳转至官网,请稍候...
  • Thu 15 Apr 2021 - Monthly Meeting
  • TBD May 2021 - Annual Dinner Meeting
  • TBD Jun 2021 - Annual Elections and Planning Meeting
  • no meeting in July or August


All 2020-2021 meetings are expected to be virtual.


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Chapter Special Interest Groups

天眼加速器和express - Computer-Human Interaction

SIGCSE - Computer Science Education

SIGGRAPH - Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

SIGMETRICS - Measurement and Evaluation

sgreen安卓安装包 - Object Oriented Programming

SIGPLAN - Programming Languages